non woven printable wallpaper

Non Woven Printable Wallpaper

AMB supply high quality Printable Non Wonve Wallpaper media, which is widely used for indoor custom wallcovering printing, it is also the most popular inkjet wallpaper media for digital printing. The material is suitable for UV Ink, Eco-Solvent Ink, Latex Ink and Water Based Ink, Varieties of patterns meet the needs of personalized market.


PVC Textured Printable Wallpaper

PVC textured Printable Wallpaper media is made of high quality base paper and Environmentally friendly PVC material, it is better to show the 3D sense of the picture, meanwhile, washable performance make it easy to clean ash. which is widely used for indoor custom wall paper printing. The media is suitable for Eco-Solvent, Latex and UV Ink.

Fabric backed vinyl wallpaper

Fabric Backed Vinyl Wallpaper Media

Fabric backed vinyl wallpaper media is made of environmentally friendly PVC material, which have textile seems like Straw Weaving coated at back side. The media is suitable for indoor decoration, especially for hotel interial decor. The advance of this roll material is that it is very easy to install and change others, there will be nothing remain once tear off the old one . Eco-solvent, UV and Latex Ink recommend.

Seamless Printable Wallpaper Material

Seamless Printable Wallpaper Material

Seamless Printable Wallpaper is large format wallpaper printing media, we supply the width 2.8m/3.0m/3.2m even up to 5m. It is widely used for the indoor decoration, the media developed step up with the fast and wide format printing industry. It is suitable for UV Ink, Eco-Solvent Ink and Latex Ink.


Self Adhesive Wallpaper Media

Self Adhesive Wallpaper media is a type of high level printing media, We extramly recommend our Self-Adhesive Fabric Media, which is widely used in the indoor decoration. It is repositionable and easy to tear off without adhesive remain. There is no need to do any pretreatment before paste because of the perfect covering function.